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Studio Stassano offers a range of professional services across all RIBA stages, which can be tailored to each project and may vary depending on the size and type of project and the specific requirements of the client. That's why an initial consultation and/or meeting is always the first step to establish what services will be required and what the best way forward for the project will be. 


We are able to assist with a full service throughout the project, or might consider a limited appointment only for specific tasks and RIBA work stages. For larger projects we have a strong experience in leading a full design team composed by all required specialist consultants, who will assist the project and the client during all phases. We can provide a variety of mediums to help visualising the project (e.g.: hand sketches, model making, graphics, digital images, CGI's and renderings) depending on clients requirements.

Studio Stassano always guides every client to ensure a clear understanding of what is going on at all stages and in order to work collaboratively. ​

Our Services In Detail

Initial Project Consultation

Feasibility and Site Appraisal

Outline and Concept Design

Developed Design

Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent

License for Alterations

Technical Design (Tender)

Architect's services during Construction

Project management services

Contract Administration services

Lead consultant

Interior Design

Finishes and Furniture

Visualisation services

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