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Belgravia House II

Full refurbishment, upgraded servicing and lift shaft extension to apartment in a Grade II listed building in Belgravia.

The property is a Grade II listed apartment at the lower ground floor of a seven-storeys mid terrace property, sited within the Hans Town Conservation Area. 

The objective of the design proposals is to sensitively refurbish the listed property, allowing its continued residential use. This will require removing all the redundant services which currently crosses the entire footprint of the apartment at ceiling level, disrupting the existing historic volumes, structural arched ceilings, and arched wall openings; in order to provide improvements to comply with basic building standards for ventilation, daylight, sanitary facilities and services, in a manner that modern occupiers would expect from a property of this stature. 

On the exterior the front lightwell will be refurbished and the original rear courtyard and external fenestration will be reinstated, following removal of the latter unsympathetic additions. The external lift shaft is extended one floor, linking the lower ground floor with the rest of the floors above, and the lift car and machinery will be re-modernised.

Client: Private
Status: Completed

Area: 120 sqm

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