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Augustinus Bader (Galeries Lafayette Haussmann)

Retail stand for Augustinus Bader in Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, FR

New concept store designed for Augustinus Bader at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris. The stand was designed to be disruptive within the typical cosmetic retail backdrop found throughout shopping malls internationally. The store showcases the iconic products using an high-definition screen and a standalone display counter that highlights their unique essence as an innovative and luxury brand, which contrary to typical mall designs that overwhelm the consumer with images and products, it provides a clear communication alongside a more personal sales approach.

The background of the stand  features the copper materiality that defines the brand along with its scientific foundations expressed by the minimal and complex curved geometries with blue accents typical of the AB brand. The back wall units all provide extensive product storage with concealed magnetic locks and tiered hidden light sources that provide refined lighting along accentuating the non-linear forms and pattern.

Client: Augustinus Bader
Status: Completed
Area: ±10 sqm

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